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5 tips for having an enjoyable vacation

Ready to embark on your vacation and enjoy the beautiful beaches and incredible fishing at Grand Isle, LA?


Beach vacation at Grand IsleHere are 5 easy tips to keep in mind to ensure you have a fabulous time!


1. Try not to plan so much

Having a schedule that’s packed with one activity after another may make the vacation seem less like a vacation. To be as relaxed as possible, keep the itinerary loose. There’s bound to be something you can find if you need an extra activity to fill up some extra time.

2. Do some research

Do enough research BEFORE the vacation so you’re not spending too much time weighing restaurant options and scrambling to find schedules DURING the actual vacation.

3. Make a list or two

To ensure you’ve packed everything you need, jot down a list and check each items off as you pack them.
You can also make other lists, such as a roster of restaurants, events, etc. that you want to experience. Don’t forget a list people you need to by souvenirs for!

4. Have your rental address and information in your phone

Go ahead and put all the necessary information about your rental in your phone, such as the address and phone numbers.

5. Go ahead and take the photo!

When in doubt, go ahead and take that photo! You may not have another chance. Of course, if you’re visiting Grand Isle, Lousiana, we’re certain you’ll want to return at some point!

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Attention Birdwatchers! Do you have your calendars marked for the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration?

Are you a birdwatcher? Love nature?

The Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration is coming up next month!



An annual celebration of nature

Grand Isle, Lousiana is the home of a beautiful nature celebration every Spring. This event, sponsored by the Grand Isle Sanctuary Group, was started in 1998 as part of an effort to protect and preserve undeveloped chenier habitats, or live oak ridges. Sadly, only 10% of the habitats that once were on Grand Isle remain.

This family-friendly event coincides with the peak migration of birds as they journey across the Gulf of Mexico.

A birdwatcher’s paradise

For a birdwatcher, Grand Isle in April may very well be the ultimate paradise.

The beaches are beautiful! But don’t just take our word for it. Yahoo! concurs, as the venerable website has named Grand Isle as one of the top beaches and island getaways.

As for the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration, there’s plenty to see and do.

Go on a birdwatching tour and learn about island history along the way. Revel in bird crafts and artwork from passionate artisans. Participate in bird games. Buy bird-centric merchandise and win sweet prizes.

“I want to attend the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration! When is it?”

The 2017 event will be held on April 21-23.

“The Migratory Bird Celebration is a wonderful event for the whole family,” says David Kedzierski, owner of Coastal Realty Group. “It brings together many bird fans to celebrate nature and support the important task of conservancy of undeveloped habitat.

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