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Looking to get away from the cold this winter? Check out Grand Isle!

People typically schedule their Grand Isle vacations in the summer. But for the snowbirds and the folks who don’t enjoy the colder seasons, winter can actually be the best time to retreat to warmer locales.


Grand Isle, Louisiana is truly one of those places that you can enjoy at any time of the year.

While many people do in fact visit Grand Isle during the peak warm months, there are those who relish the idea of a cooler vacation.


Grand Isle one of the top 10 winter beach retreats

Did you know Yahoo! ranked Grand Isle, LA in their top 10 American winter beach retreats?

Here’s a quote from the article:

“Anglers adore this island thanks to the more than 280 species of fish in the surrounding waters, and many flock to Grand Isle State Park to fish in its calm waters. Those not obsessed with reeling in The Big One head to the beaches.”

Check out the Yahoo! winter beach article here:



Visit Grand Isle in the winter.


Top reasons to visit Grand Isle during the winter

Here are some of the top reasons to come to Grand Isle this winter, in no particular order:

  • Scorch-free sunbathing
  • Typically lower rates and more availability for Grand Isle rentals
  • Less crowded beaches for more privacy
  • Less busy restaurants for more focused service
  • Typically better fishing, since the fish can be closer to the surface
  • More 1-on-1 attention from fishing guides and charters


Ready to come to Grand Isle, Louisiana this winter?

Looking for the ultimate Grand Isle rental camp to suit your needs?

Want to learn about the various events coming up in the winter months?

Perhaps you’re considering a home here, and would like to look at Grand Isle properties for sale?

Give the Coastal Realty Group a call today at 985-787-3200.

“We’d love to help you find a great Grand Isle rental camp or property,” said David Kedzierski, Coastal Realty Group’s owner and rental agent.

“Whether you want to come just for the winter and are looking for the ultimate rental camp, or if you’re looking for a permanent residence in a Grand Isle or The Bayou home, our experienced and highly responsive team will work hard to make sure you have a pleasant experience during the process.

Contact Coastal Realty Group today and let’s get started! We’re eager to assist you.”

Looking for a winter beach retreat? Gearing up for some winter fishing? Check out Grand Isle!

To many, the optimal time to go to the beach is during the summer months.

For those who enjoy less crowded beaches and temperatures that won’t scorch you, the winter may be a great option for your beach vacation.

With its beautiful beaches, Grand Isle, Louisiana is a great place to head to when the cold just gets too unbearable and you need to get away for a bit.

The weather at Grand Isle during winter months remain suitable enough for enjoying the beaches and sunbathing. And, with less crowds, you’ll have more space in which to relax.

Grand Isle is the perfect winter retreat for fishing


Ready for some spectacular winter fishing?

Grand Isle is also known as one of the top fishing spots around.

There are over 280 fish species are to be found in the waters around Louisiana’s largest sport fishing resort town.

The winter is actually a great time to fish at Grand Isle… especially for those who don’t like waiting in lines and contending with large crowds of both tourists and fishermen.

The fish tend to feed closer to the surface, as the water isn’t so hot at the top like it is during the warmer months.

You will most likely get more 1-on-1 attention with the numerous fishing charters, guides, and marinas in the area. And don’t be afraid to ask the local anglers for some insider advice.

When it comes to lodging, there are plenty of options available. Coastal Realty Group can help you find the perfect waterfront property with boat access that will make your winter fishing even more enjoyable and convenient.


Don’t just take our word for it.

We love Grand Isle, and believe it’s one of the best winter retreats available. But don’t just take our word for it.

Yahoo! named Grand Isle one of the top 10 winter beach retreats in America. They report average highs in December and January as 67 and 63 degrees respectively.

From the article:

“In the winter, the population of this barrier island off Louisiana’s Gulf Coast shrinks back down to its 1,600 permanent residents from its summer high of 14,000. But temperatures remain warm enough to sunbathe, and you can do so without the crowds.”

You can read more at Yahoo!:




Thinking about visiting Grand Isle, Louisiana during the winter?

Need assistance finding the perfect Grand Isle rental camp? Want to know what events to expect during the winter months?

Why not give Coastal Realty Group a call today at 985-787-3200.

“We’d love to help you find the perfect rental camp for your winter beach or fishing vacation,” said David Kedzierski, Coastal Realty Group’s owner and rental agent.

“We’re an experienced team that works hard to make sure you’re all set for a great experience at Grand Isle. Explore our website and be sure to check out our blog posts for vacation tips.

“Check out the great reviews as you search these rental camps. Again, we’re here to help. Give us call, we’re ready to assist!”

Why fall beach vacations rock!

Think summer is the ONLY time to visit the beach?

Think again!

Don’t feel left out if you couldn’t make it out this past summer. Fall beach vacations can be a great option for many reasons.

Read on to see why you might even consider fall-time to be the optimal time for your next beach outing.


Family On Beach Vacation Running Through Dunes


  1. Less crowds

The summer is the peak time for the beach, and consequently, you’ll have to share the beach and attractions with throngs of other vacationers. During the fall, you’ll have less competition for beach space and restaurant seating.

  1. Lower rates

You’ll usually find lower rates for rentals in the fall than in the summer, so you’ll be able to use the extra funds for more souvenirs or fancier restaurants, or you can simply pocket the savings for next time.

  1. Fishing

Related to the last reason, the fishing charter rates might also be cheaper in the fall. Also, with potentially less clients, they might be able to provide even more 1-on-1 attention. Check with the local charters for more details.

  1. Delightful weather

Now this one might be up for debate, but for those who enjoy cooler climates, the fall time can be hard to beat. Imagine blissfully strolling down the beach without fear of scorching heat. (That said, be sure to bring layers of clothing so you can dress up or down as the need arises.)

  1. Fall-only events

There are some events that only happen during the fall months, so check the local calendars to see what interesting things can be seen or done during those times.



Are you planning on visiting Grand Isle, Louisiana?

Need assistance finding the perfect rental camp? Want to know what events are going on in the fall?

Why not give Coastal Realty Group a call today at 985-787-3200.

“We’d love to help you find the optimal rental camp for your fall beach vacation,” said David Kedzierski, Coastal Realty Group’s owner and rental agent.

“We’re an enthusiastic and highly responsive team that works hard to make sure you’re all set for an unforgettable vacation. Be sure to check out our blog articles for more Grand Isle, LA vacation tips and information. You can also go ahead and start checking out the rentals at grandislerentalcamps.com. Be sure to read some of the great reviews.”

5 ways to decorate your Halloween pumpkin, beach-style

Think you need to be at home to enjoy Halloween? Think again!

You can certainly have a great time at the beach while still getting in the spirit (yes, pun intended) of All Hallow’s Eve.

The following are 5 ways you can jazz up that pumpkin to celebrate the spookiest time of the year at the beach.

  1. Decorate your pumpkins with a beach theme

Give your pumpkins a beachy vibe by painting them white, brown, and/or blue. Decorate with sand dollars and assorted shells.

  1. Try different cutouts

Instead of a face, try carving shapes befitting the setting. Some ideas are a boat, an anchor, a palm tree, a starfish, a seahorse, a fish, stylized waves, shells, etc. You’re only limited by your imagination… and your carving skills.

  1. Cool off your drinks

Instead of making a jack-o’-lantern, fashion a drink cooler out of your pumpkin. Fill with ice and keep your favorite drinks nice and cool.

  1. Make a substitution

Forego the pumpkin and use a pineapple instead. Imagine a menacing jack-o’-lantern’s face carved on tropical fruit. Your family and friends will get a kick out of that.

  1. Use sand

Of course, you can get creative with what’s already all around you at the beach. Craft some spook-tastic jack-o’-lanterns in the sand.



Are you planning to visit Grand Isle, Louisiana during Halloween?

Need help finding the perfect rental camp?

Give Coastal Realty Group a call today at 985-787-3200.

“We’re a very experienced and highly responsive team that works hard to ensure you find the perfect rental and have an unforgettable experience at Grand Isle,” said David Kedzierski, owner and rental agent at Coastal Realty Group.

“Let us know if you need more Halloween ideas for the beach. Be sure to check out our blog for more vacation tips and information, or go ahead and start searching for the ultimate Grand Isle rental camp at grandislerentalcamps.com.”

More Grand Isle rental camp reviews

Grand Isle, LA is one of the best places for beach fun and fishing excitement!

Coastal Realty Group is here to assist you in finding the rental camp that best fits your needs.

Check out some more reviews and testimonials from our happy customers:


A-Fish-N-Pier ( https://grandislerentalcamps.com/A-Fish-N-Pier/)

Rented the property for a week. Found out the lights on the fishing pier were not working. Called the agent who took care of the problem right away. Very spacious camp. Very clean. Agent was very helpful when needed. I recommend this property and this rental agency if you go to grand isle



Clause (https://grandislerentalcamps.com/Clause/)

 Happy with our stay! Will use again



Just Havin Fun




Shawnuff South (https://grandislerentalcamps.com/Shawnuff-South/)

Camp Shawnuff South is a beautiful upper end camp this is one of my favorite on the island. We have been renting camps each year for over 20 years in Grand Isle and this is on the top of my list to rent again. It offers private access to the beach, 4 bedrooms each with a full size bed plus bunkbeds in two of them, 4 bathrooms, large kitchen with two refrigerators, 2 living areas, and large dining area. Beautiful decor with many personal touches. Makes you feel like you are at home.



Tarpon Lounger (https://grandislerentalcamps.com/Tarpon-Lounger/)

Tarpon Lounger was great! Great location. The beach was awesome as was the outdoor area. The inside was spacious and clean. It was the perfect location for our family get together. I would definitely stay here again.




Ready for the ultimate beach or fishing vacation?

The responsive staff at Coastal Realty Group is here to help!

View more information on the rentals reviewed above or give us a call at 985-787-3200 and we’ll be happy to assist you in your search.

5 simple beach safety tips

Ready to get on the beach for some well-deserved relaxation and fun?

Here are some easy tips to follow to ensure you stay safe while you’re enjoying yourself at the beautiful beaches at Grand Isle, LA.

5 simple beach safety tips

1. Protect yourself against the sun

Everyone likes to be out in the sun. However, don’t overdo it. Remember to use sunscreen, and reapply as directed by the sunscreen. Find some shade if you’re feeling uneasy after extended exposure to the sun and heat.

2. Drink lots of fluids

Being out in the heat can lead to dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids. The more water the better. Plan beforehand and have an appropriate number of drinks ready.

3. Don’t swim alone

Avoid swimming alone, especially if you want to venture outward a bit. If kids are present, be sure there’s always adult supervision.

4. Shade your eyes

Don’t leave your sunglasses behind. Wear shades to protect your eyes from the sun and glare.

5. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol can dehydrate you, as well as impair your judgment. Avoid alcohol or keep to a reasonable amount.


Interested in more beach safety tips? Need some help finding the perfect property for your Grand Isle vacation?

Contact the enthusiastic and responsive team at Coastal Realty Group! We’re here to make your stay simply unforgettable.

Call us today at 985-787-3200.

Check our blog for more helpful information, or start your search for the ideal vacation rental.

The International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo 2017

Attention fishing fanatics!

Fishing at Grand Isle

The International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, the oldest fishing tournament in the United States, is coming!

The event is held during the last weekend of July:

Thursday, July 27 (6am) to Saturday July, 29 (10pm).

The yearly bonanza is filled with local entertainment, crafts, food… and of course, plenty of fishing excitement!

Pre-register now if you can. Prices will be higher during the event.

The registration deadline is July 16th.

You can visit the International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo website at: http://tarponrodeo.org.

Go to the registration page to download the mail-in registration form and the official rodeo rules.

The website mentions you can visit one of the authorized registration outlets for information on registration.

Grand Isle:

  • Blue Water Sports
  • Bridgeside Marina
  • Camardelle’s Seafood
  • Nez Coupe Gift Shop
  • Sand Dollar Marina
  • Sureway Supermarket


  • TYD Store and Tackle
  • Moran’s Marina
  • Griffin’s Ice and Fuel


  • Songy’s Sporting Goods
  • West Marine


“We at Coastal Realty Group look forward to the annual Grand Isle Rodeo,” said David Kedzierski, owner and rental agent. “It brings in fishing enthusiasts and fans from all over. It really is a grand event.

“If you’re looking for a rental property for that weekend, we’d love to assist! Our experienced and highly responsive staff loves nothing more than to help our guests find the perfect property. Whether you want beach front, boat access, 2-bedroom all the way to 6-bedroom, we have you covered.

Call us today at 985-787-3200 or email us at Coastalrentals.gi@gmail.com.

Grand Isle, LA testimonials and reviews

We think Grand Isle, Louisiana is one of the best vacation spots around. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are some reviews from our customers:

Cajun Castaway

Very nice rental! This rental is very clean & comfortable! I will return!

– Deb

Cajun Yacht Club (https://grandislerentalcamps.com/Cajun-Yacht-Club/)

We recently stayed at Cajun Yacht Club for Easter Weekend in Grand Isle. We have gone to the Island forever, and have rented at least yearly since 2008 when we lost our camp in Hurricane Gustav. This was the nicest place I have ever rented in Grand Isle. 5 stars all around.

– Brad

Dream Come True (https://grandislerentalcamps.com/Dream-Come-True/)

Everything was lovely and clean! I would definitely stay again!

– Latoya

La Bon Vie (https://grandislerentalcamps.com/La-Bon-Vie/)

We enjoyed our stay. The cabin was awesome. We will visit again.

– Julie

La Bon Vie (https://grandislerentalcamps.com/La-Bon-Vie/x)

We enjoyed our stay. The cabin was awesome. We will visit again.

– Julie

Thin Blue Line (https://grandislerentalcamps.com/Thin-Blue-Line/)

The place was great. It was well equipped with what you need. All the comforts of home and more.


Ready for your dream vacation?

The dedicated and experienced staff at Coastal Realty Group is here to help you have the perfect island and fishing getaway. Check out some of the rentals above, search the website for other camps, or give us a call at 985-787-3200.

5 tips for having an enjoyable vacation

Ready to embark on your vacation and enjoy the beautiful beaches and incredible fishing at Grand Isle, LA?


Beach vacation at Grand IsleHere are 5 easy tips to keep in mind to ensure you have a fabulous time!


1. Try not to plan so much

Having a schedule that’s packed with one activity after another may make the vacation seem less like a vacation. To be as relaxed as possible, keep the itinerary loose. There’s bound to be something you can find if you need an extra activity to fill up some extra time.

2. Do some research

Do enough research BEFORE the vacation so you’re not spending too much time weighing restaurant options and scrambling to find schedules DURING the actual vacation.

3. Make a list or two

To ensure you’ve packed everything you need, jot down a list and check each items off as you pack them.
You can also make other lists, such as a roster of restaurants, events, etc. that you want to experience. Don’t forget a list people you need to by souvenirs for!

4. Have your rental address and information in your phone

Go ahead and put all the necessary information about your rental in your phone, such as the address and phone numbers.

5. Go ahead and take the photo!

When in doubt, go ahead and take that photo! You may not have another chance. Of course, if you’re visiting Grand Isle, Lousiana, we’re certain you’ll want to return at some point!

“If you’re thinking about or have already decided to come to Grand Isle, why not give us a ring at Coastal Realty Group,” invites David Kedzierski, owner and realtor.”

“Our enthusiastic team will help you review your options and help you find the rental property for the vacation of your dreams. Call us when you’re ready at 985-787-3200.”

Attention Birdwatchers! Do you have your calendars marked for the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration?

Are you a birdwatcher? Love nature?

The Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration is coming up next month!



An annual celebration of nature

Grand Isle, Lousiana is the home of a beautiful nature celebration every Spring. This event, sponsored by the Grand Isle Sanctuary Group, was started in 1998 as part of an effort to protect and preserve undeveloped chenier habitats, or live oak ridges. Sadly, only 10% of the habitats that once were on Grand Isle remain.

This family-friendly event coincides with the peak migration of birds as they journey across the Gulf of Mexico.

A birdwatcher’s paradise

For a birdwatcher, Grand Isle in April may very well be the ultimate paradise.

The beaches are beautiful! But don’t just take our word for it. Yahoo! concurs, as the venerable website has named Grand Isle as one of the top beaches and island getaways.

As for the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration, there’s plenty to see and do.

Go on a birdwatching tour and learn about island history along the way. Revel in bird crafts and artwork from passionate artisans. Participate in bird games. Buy bird-centric merchandise and win sweet prizes.

“I want to attend the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration! When is it?”

The 2017 event will be held on April 21-23.

“The Migratory Bird Celebration is a wonderful event for the whole family,” says David Kedzierski, owner of Coastal Realty Group. “It brings together many bird fans to celebrate nature and support the important task of conservancy of undeveloped habitat.

“We’d be honored to help you find the perfect place to stay on Grand Isle. Give us a call today or check out the listings at our websites.”

Call Coastal Realty Group at 985-787-3200.

To commence your search for the perfect Grand Isle vacation rental, visit:


For more information on the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration, visit the website:


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